5 Key Things To Look For In A Destination Wedding Hotel

Are you planning a destination wedding? This modern trend combines the romance of a beautiful and intimate wedding with the chance for guests to enjoy a little break of their own. But it also means you may want to look for a few different elements when choosing hotel accommodations for everyone. What are some of these? Here are five to keep in mind.

1. Convenience to Transportation

Choose a hotel that makes all your transportation as easy as possible. This is vital for guests who will only stay for a quick weekend or who haven't been there before. For most couples, good transportation starts with shuttles to and from the airport or train station. It may also include shuttles to local attractions and willingness to assist guests in calling for shuttles and cabs of their own. 

2. Plenty of Space

A destination wedding means using a hotel room for more than you expect. You, your wedding party, and your guests will usually get ready in your rooms. All weekend, you may need to do many prep tasks, like ironing the wedding gown, in your rooms. People will often hang out with each other in hotel rooms. Choose a hotel that provides larger rooms and whose layouts allow more foot traffic. Consider suites as opposed to standard rooms. 

3. A Wedding Discount

If you plan to use a resort or its related partners for your wedding ceremony and other weekend festivities, ask about hotel room discounts. You can save yourself and your guests a lot of money if you can negotiate a package or a percentage off based on how many people will be renting a room. 

4. Self-Contained Choices

Many people planning a destination wedding look for an all-inclusive resort or hotel so that everyone can enjoy a simpler weekend. But if your budget or plans don't include a full resort, you can still find a hotel with lots of things to do on-site. This often includes multiple on-site dining options, pools and spas, cocktail sales, attractive photo backdrops, convenience store items for sale, laundry facilities, parking, and a concierge. 

5. Gathering Spots

Although the weekend is primarily about your wedding venue, don't overlook having other places to gather. Many couples plan a welcome brunch or dinner for guests and a sendoff to thank people for coming. You may simply want to socialize together and need a larger space than hotel rooms or plan a special treat for your wedding party. Whatever your plans, choose a hotel which provides everything as conveniently as possible. 

Where to Start

As you shop for destination wedding packages and locations, keep these five important elements in mind. Doing so will undoubtedly help you choose a great spot that everyone will enjoy.