Consider Quiet, Unimproved RV Parks For A New Camping Experience

If you're accustomed to staying in large, busy RV parks with many amenities, try something different for a change of pace and stay at a park without the upgraded features you're accustomed to. Yes, it's convenient to have hookups, cable TV and a building with showers and bathroom facilities. However, you may be surprised to discover just how satisfying RV camping on unimproved land can be. 

About Unimproved RV Campsites

These campsites are typically off the beaten path, but many are not far from a major highway and a good-sized town. Some have designated parking areas for RVs, but others just have acreage of unimproved land. There might be picnic tables and campfire pits, but not much else. 



Staying in heavily populated RV parks means you have neighbors just a few feet away, often on two or more sides. You may like that if you're extroverted and you see camping as a bit of a party, but there's something to be said for peace and quiet. 

If you go on an overnight stay during the week outside of the busiest times of year, you might actually be the only ones camping there. That means advantages such as being the only people fishing and canoeing along the river, swimming in the lake or pond, or walking on the hiking trails.

Getting Into Nature

Without so many people around, you have a better chance to commune with nature. You might sit outside in lawn chairs and listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze and the stream burbling along, and watch birds flitting from branch to branch or gliding along the water. At night, listen to owls hooting and enjoy the beauty of bright stars in the dark sky. 

Scenic Views 

Sure, busy RV parks with lots of amenities can have scenic views. Nevertheless, you're likely to find some particularly lovely vistas in quieter, more remote locations. You'll also get a better sense of the views and the natural surroundings when there aren't hundreds of other campers nearby. 


You're more likely to get glimpses of deer, raccoons, herons and other wildlife when you're not surrounded by lots of other people. Of course, you might not consider this an advantage if you're leery of critters, but wildlife watching is a fascinating experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Try a quiet, small RV campground on unimproved land for an overnight stay or a weekend and see whether you enjoy your experience. If so, you've opened up an abundance of new possibilities for your camping adventures. You can also find RV parks with flat picnic areas that are still isolated and built for camping, rather than city lodging.