Helpful Tips For A River Rafting Adventure

Have you been invited to go on a river rafting adventure with your friends but have never experienced it before? River rafting can be an amazing rush if make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for the experience. Take a look at the river rafting tips that are listed in the article below so your adventure on the water will be as comfortable as possible. 1. Take Along the Right Kind of Items Read More 

What Are Some Amenities Offered In A Five-Star Hotel?

When you make hotel reservations, you might come across hotels labeled with the number of stars. These aren't based on guest reviews, but are a way to define the type of hotel. Five-star hotels are the most high-end, luxury type of hotels. They tend to have the most advanced features and amenities, including the following: Full-Service Spa and Salon One amenity you will often notice in five-star hotels that three and four-star hotels don't usually have to this degree is having a spa and/or salon. Read More 

Planning Your Wedding Weekend: 4 Other Events To Hold At The Hotel

Whether you are having a destination wedding or you have lots of guests coming from out of town, your wedding hotel can provide great spaces for a host of wedding weekend activities. Having all the events in the same building can make it easier for guests who aren't familiar with the area attend each event. Talk to the event coordinator about the different spaces available within the hotel and use these ideas to inspire your wedding-related activities. Read More 

How To Decorate A Hotel Conference Room For A Wedding Reception

A hotel conference room may not by your dream wedding reception location, but if you're working on a limited budget you may not have many other choices. You don't have to sacrifice class and style to save money, however. There are many inexpensive and easy ways to transform the sterile space into a romantic venue. You can repurpose things that you already own to create a wedding-worthy room without breaking the bank. Read More 

3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hotel

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the quality and features of your hotel can really make or break the trip. Choosing the right hotel for you depends on a number of factors, involving much more than simply looking at star ratings or finding the cheapest room. Here are three factors to consider on every trip when you are looking for a hotel. On-Site Amenities If you will be spending any significant amount of time at your hotel, it will pay to look for a hotel that has on-site amenities to offer. Read More