What Are Some Amenities Offered In A Five-Star Hotel?

When you make hotel reservations, you might come across hotels labeled with the number of stars. These aren't based on guest reviews, but are a way to define the type of hotel. Five-star hotels are the most high-end, luxury type of hotels. They tend to have the most advanced features and amenities, including the following:

Full-Service Spa and Salon

One amenity you will often notice in five-star hotels that three and four-star hotels don't usually have to this degree is having a spa and/or salon. While some of the other hotels will have some limited services, such as a massage therapist that will provide you with a massage in your room, or possibly a small salon that does haircuts and facials, the five-star spas tend to have a lot more involved. They are typically the size of your neighborhood luxury spa, with multiple treatments, private massage rooms, a sauna, mud bath room, and lots of other amenities. The full-service salon is likely attached or nearby, offering cuts, colors, hair treatments, nails, waxing, and facial treatments.

Services For the Children

Another noticeable difference with the five-star hotels is that they go all out in making sure your kids are entertained and well taken care of. This often includes having a full game room and family-friendly activities like miniature golf, arcade rooms, and special swimming pools just for the kids. In addition to that, these hotels often provide daycares for the little ones or babysitting services either in another section of the hotel or in your hotel room. This allows you to enjoy time with your significant other or to go out on a private date while knowing the kids are being supervised and staying entertained.

Transportation Services

Five-star hotels also frequently offer transportation services that the other hotels won't provide you. For starters, it is common for these hotels to offer valet service, some of which require you to park your vehicle with the help from an attendant. However, they also provide even more transportation that just valet. Some of them have cars or bicycles you can rent from them, while others even have private helicopters to rent and use for various activities. Some have chauffeur and limo service as well.

Luxury In-Room Amenities

You will also have some high-end, luxurious amenities right in your hotel room. Some five-star hotels offer full-size spa bathtubs with jets and wet bars, while others have private balconies that include their own hot tub. The type of hotel you choose and its location will determine the types of amenities you receive. It is not uncommon to have more space, marble bathrooms, and extra features with this type of hotel.

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