Planning Your Wedding Weekend: 4 Other Events To Hold At The Hotel

Whether you are having a destination wedding or you have lots of guests coming from out of town, your wedding hotel can provide great spaces for a host of wedding weekend activities. Having all the events in the same building can make it easier for guests who aren't familiar with the area attend each event. Talk to the event coordinator about the different spaces available within the hotel and use these ideas to inspire your wedding-related activities.

1. Welcome Cocktail Party

A welcome cocktail party offers a great way to kick off your wedding weekend and give your guests a preview of what is to come. You can rent a small room in the hotel for this party, or you can host it in the hotel's bar if space allows. Work with the hotel's catering staff to create signature cocktails and an hors d'oeuvres menu for everyone to enjoy. If you are renting a room, consider getting balloons or small flower arrangements in your wedding colors to add a festive finishing touch to the space. 

2. Bridal Brunch

If you have many out-of-town guests, they may not have been able to attend your bridal shower. Hosting a bridal brunch the day before the wedding gives you a chance to host a small gathering for all the ladies that are important to you. Let the hotel know how many people you expect in your party so they can reserve the right amount of tables in the hotel restaurant, and ask about any special menu options you might be able to use for your bridal brunch. Be sure to have a separate table for gifts so you can keep the space tidy throughout the meal.

3. Spa Day

Many hotels have spas or hair salons, so take advantage of this by scheduling a spa day for you and your guests. This gives people a chance to relax before the wedding, and it gives you time to get a manicure and pedicure before the big day. Plan this event for the afternoon before your wedding, leaving enough time for everyone to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

4. Day-After Breakfast

The day-after breakfast is a relatively new tradition. It gives the newly wedded couple a chance to open wedding gifts in front of guests so they can thank everyone in person. Work with the hotel event planning staff to find a cozy space in the hotel where you can enjoy a meal with your close family. This space should have enough room for you and your new spouse to open gifts, take pictures and relax. Consider planning this event for mid-morning so everyone has enough time to rest up after your wedding.

Hotels offer lots of great options for wedding weekend activities. Your event planner and the hotel staff can help you plan and arrange all of these events to create an exciting and fun-filled wedding extravaganza.