4 Mistakes To Avoid At A Wine Tasting Event

If you enjoy the taste of wine and have decided to go on a wine tour, you need to know how to make the most of wine tasting events. You may be unsure what kind of etiquette you should follow; here are some mistakes to avoid so that you can fit right in.

Wearing Cologne or Perfume

If you regularly wear perfume or cologne, it may not even occur to you that you should avoid wearing fragrances when you go to a wine tasting event. However, your cologne or perfume can interfere with your ability to smell the wine properly. Not only that, but your scent can affect others as well. Wait until after the wine tasting event to spritz on some fragrance.

Tasting Dark Wines First

Different wineries have different rules about how wine is offered at an event. They may have an order pre-selected, or you may be able to taste whatever you'd like. If you plan to taste both white and red wines, avoid starting with reds. Lighter wines tend to have a more delicate taste, which can be difficult to appreciate if you have been drinking bolder dark wines already. Instead, start with white wines at the tasting event. If you do happen to have a darker wine first, be sure to cleanse your palette with a little water before trying a lighter wine.

Drinking Too Much

Because you'll be trying a number of wines at a wine tasting event, it is easy to become inebriated if you aren't paying attention. However, remember that you are there to smell and taste the wines, and your ability to smell is diminished if you're drunk. Instead, utilize the bucket they provide; dump out extra wine after you've had a sip or two. You can also avoid swallowing the wine at all, spitting wine into the bucket after you've swished it around in your mouth.

Giving Your Opinion Before Others Have Tasted

If you are wine tasting with a group, you might take a sip and immediately start giving your opinion on the wine and whether you like it or not, Instead, be considerate and make sure that everyone has had the opportunity to taste and sip the wine before influencing their opinion with your own sentiments.

Use the information in this article to avoid making the kinds of mistakes that can affect your full enjoyment of the wine tasting events you'll experience on your wine tour. You may discover that you'll have a better understanding of the wine you enjoy.

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