Planning A Vacation: Top 3 Airport Transportation Options

One of the most important parts of your vacation planning process is to determine how you will get to and from the airport. After all, if you are unable to successfully make it to the airport on time, all of your subsequent plans will inevitably be thrown out of sync. Thankfully, there are several reliable transportation options that you can choose from in order to accomplish this task. Taking a moment to review the pros and cons that come along with each of these options will ensure that you are choosing the right airport transportation option for your needs.

Option #1: Take A Bus Or Shuttle

Many larger cities will offer bus service to and from the airport. Shuttle buses may also be available through your hotel. The primary benefit of choosing this type of transportation is its affordable nature. While public buses will typically cost no more than a few dollars, shuttle buses may be available at no charge with your hotel stay.

There are also some disadvantages to choosing this form of transportation. For instance, taking a public bus will require you to stop along the way to pick up and drop off other passengers. This process can greatly increase your overall travel time. Both public buses and shuttle buses may also provide very limited cargo space for your luggage.

Option #2: Reserve A Limo

If you are looking for a more luxurious way to travel to and from the airport, a limo service may be the right option for you. In addition to providing you with the transportation you need, a limo service may also provide benefits such as on-board entertainment and refreshments. The high-class nature of these vehicles is also ideal for special vacations, such as your honeymoon.

As with all airport transportation options, there are some disadvantages to choosing a limo service. These disadvantages include the high cost that is often associated with this option, as well as the need to make a reservation well in advance.

Option #3: Take A Taxi

Taxi cabs are without a doubt one of the most popular options for travelers. This is because taxis are readily available any time of day or night, and provide affordable transportation when traveling relatively short distances, such as to the airport or a local hotel. Taxi drivers can also provide you with the benefit of some local expertise, such as recommending the best restaurants or attractions in town.

The only real disadvantage to choosing a taxi cab is the amount of passenger room that these vehicles offer. Since most taxis are made from standard vehicles, it can be difficult to transport more than 2-3 adults using a single taxi cab. However, some taxi companies will offer a limited number of larger vehicles as well. Therefore, before you dismiss this option for your large traveling party, you may wish to contact the company directly to see if they have any vans or SUVs available. For more information, contact a company like Farwest Taxi.